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7 min readJan 7, 2022

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To accelerate the growth of the Indonesian NFT ecosystem, Solana Indonesia teamed up with Pintu along with leading tech companies, global crypto investors and creators to host the Indonesia Art Project, first of its kind online NFT competition exclusively for Indonesian visual artists.

We received 2500+ artwork submissions from 700+ Indonesian artists. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response and quality of these submissions to say the least.

The judges were extremely impressed with the quality and creativity of the submitted artwork and evaluated based on the following criteria: Effective message and impact, creative interpretation, command of the medium used/technical skill.

Browse through all the artist submissions in the public directory here.

By the end of the judging process, a total of 18 standout artist submissions were selected to receive a prize. If you are one of the winning artists, our team will contact you. Several artists showed tremendous potential, so make sure to check out the Honorable Mention section at the bottom of this post as well.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Solana Indonesia Art Project…

Grand Prizes

#1 Winner

Artist: kuburan sempit

Prize: $10,000

See artwork here:

#2 Runner-up

Artist: Maharani Hastina Suryasputri

Prize: $7,000

See artwork here:

#3 Runner-up

Artist: The Last Utans

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

* All 3 Grand Prize winners will also additionally receive following Special Prizes from our partners:

Exclusive opportunity to get featured on the Magic Eden launchpad.

Honorary NFTs (“Enter The Void”) created by the Indonesian NFT artist Izzy/vngnc, issued on Solana Network exclusively for the Indonesian Art Project.

The Abstract Labs Standard Membership, a Solana NFT which gives you access to exclusive mints from Abstract Labs artists, access to Abstract Labs DAO and more.

Special Prizes

Many of our partners sponsored special prizes, the description of which can be found here. Here are the winners in each category.

Pintu Special Prize

Artist: Nikos

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

Magic Eden Special Prize

Artist: Fikri Abdurakhman

Prize: $10,000

See artwork here:

Holaplex Special Prize


Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

Coinvestasi Special Prize

Artist: Niko kristianto

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

Metaplex Special Prize

Artist: Harry Koi Pangabdian

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

Serum Special Prize

Artist: Zolalongor

Prize: $7,000

See artwork here:

Arnold Poernomo Special Prize


Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

Eizper Chain Special Prize

Artist: Divasio Putra Suryawan (Dipo)

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

FTX Special Prize

Artist: Adipati Julian

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

Project SEED Special Prize

Artist: Raja Leonard Sihombing

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

USSFeed Special Prize

Artist: Renaldi Morteza

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

All.Art Special Prize

Artist: Fajar P. Domingo

Prize: $10,000

See artwork here:

Chingari Special Prize

Artist: Anggri Iskandar

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

Solana Insiders Special Prize

Artist: Dede Kartiwan

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

Museum of Toys Special Prize

Artist: Komoverse

Prize: $5,000

See artwork here:

Pandji Pragiwaksono’s Special Choice

Artist: Rex Mundi

See artwork here:

Honorable Mentions

The judges were overwhelmed by the quality of submissions. While the following artists did not win an award, we encourage readers to look through them, as each of these artists put in considerable effort and creativity.

Artist: Raihansyah

Artist: Iqbal Hardear

Artist: iLik07

Artist: Kelvin Kurniadi

Artist: Achda Satia

Artist: Modina Rimolfa

Artist: Muhammad Rezky

Artist: suryadimcqueen

Artist: Exotic Ape

Artist: Gustino Dwi Indrawan

Artist: Andika Krissanto

Artist: Lewdlilly66

Artist: Nathaniel Francis


Artist: echo wahid

Artist: skitchism

Artist: Marventyo Amala

Artist: Muhamad Kamal

Artist: Muhammad Riski

Artist: Christovorus Gusung Saputra

Artist: Karunia susanto

Artist: okiDoki

Artist: Ndycartoon

Artist: Ahmadsagita

Artist: Day Is Done

Artist: Callvin

Artist: Suluh Adi Zanuar

Artist: Roland Candra

Artist: Wahyu Mahesa

Artist: LostSheep

Artist: ilham_nft

Artist: Adam Alfisyahr

Artist: Barlian ichsan

Artist: Djoko Pramono

Artist: Agnes Friska

Artist: Aprizal Yogi Syaputra

Artist: vanjorick

Artist: Diena Rostika

Artist: Dirot Kadirah

Artist: ExnD (Irfan Aziz)

Artist: masyarakat edo

Artist: Yulianti Mayank Sari

Artist: SDNT

Artist: Saiful Arbi

Artist: asmaralaya

Artist: Adrianus Harris

Artist: Ezra Bagus Tanasale


Mengumumkan pemenang Solana Indonesia Art Project

Dalam rangka percepatan pertumbuhan ekosistem NFT di Indonesia, Solana Indonesia bekerja sama dengan Pintu serta beberapa perusahaan teknologi terkemuka, investor crypto global dan kreator untuk menyelenggarakan Art Project Indonesia, kompetisi NFT online pertama yang dikhususkan untuk seniman visual dari seluruh Indonesia.

Kami telah menerima 2500+ kiriman karya seni dari 700+ seniman Indonesia. Kami cukup terpukau dengan animo dan kualitas kiriman para seniman.

Para juri sangat terkesan dengan kualitas dan kreativitas karya seni yang telah dikirimkan dan selanjutnya dikurasi berdasarkan kriteria berikut: Pesan yang efektif dan dampak yang ditimbulkan, interpretasi yang kreatif, keterampilan teknis/penguasaan media yang digunakan.

Lihat semua kiriman para seniman melalui galeri publik di sini.

Pada akhir proses penjurian, total sebanyak 18 kiriman seniman yang berkualitas telah dipilih untuk berhak menerima hadiah. Jika kamu menjadi salah satu pemenang, tim kami akan menghubungimu. Ada juga beberapa kiriman karya seni yang menunjukkan potensi karya yang luar biasa, jadi pastikan untuk mengecek kategori Honorable Mention di bagian akhir postingan ini.

Tanpa berlama-lama lagi, inilah para pemenang Solana Indonesia Art Project…

Hadiah Utama

Juara #1

Seniman: kuburan sempit

● Hadiah: $10,000

● Lihat karya seninya di sini:

Juara #2

Seniman: Maharani Hastina Suryasputri

● Hadiah: $7,000

● Lihat karya seninya di sini:

Juara #3

Seniman: The Last Utans

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karya seninya di sini:

* 3 pemenang hadiah utama juga akan menerima hadiah khusus berikut dari mitra kami:

- Kesempatan eksklusif untuk karyanya ditampilkan di Magic Eden launchpad.

- Mendapatkan Honorary NFT (“Enter The Void”) yang dibuat oleh seniman NFT Indonesia, Izzy/vngnc yang diminting di Solana Network khusus untuk Art Project Indonesia.

- Memperoleh keanggotaan standar Abstract Labs, platform NFT Solana yang memberi kamu akses ke minting eksklusif dari para seniman Abstract Lab, serta akses untuk DAO Abstract Lab, dan masih banyak lagi.

Hadiah Khusus

Sebagian besar mitra kami juga turut ambil bagian dalam mensponsori hadiah khusus yang penjelasan lengkapnya dapat dilihat di sini. Berikut ini para pemenang untuk masing-masing kategori.

Hadiah Khusus dari Pintu

Seniman: Nikos

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Magic Eden

Seniman: Fikri Abdurakhman

● Hadiah: $10,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Holaplex


● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Coinvestasi

Seniman: Niko kristianto

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Metaplex

Seniman: Harry Koi Pangabdian

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Serum

Seniman: Zolalongor

● Hadiah: $7,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Arnold Poernomo


● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Eizper Chain

Seniman: Divasio Putra Suryawan (Dipo)

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari FTX

Seniman: Adipati Julian

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Project SEED

Seniman: Raja Leonard Sihombing

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari USSFeed

Seniman: Renaldi Morteza

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari All.Art

Seniman: Fajar P. Domingo

● Hadiah: $10,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Chingari

Seniman: Anggri Iskandar

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Solana Insiders

Seniman: Dede Kartiwan

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Hadiah Khusus dari Museum of Toys

Seniman: Komoverse

● Hadiah: $5,000

● Lihat karyanya di sini:

Karya Spesial pilihan Pandji Pragiwaksono

Seniman: Rex Mundi

●Lihat karyanya di sini:

Honorable Mentions

Para juri cukup terpukau dengan kualitas karya yang dikirimkan. Meskipun seniman berikut tidak memenangkan penghargaan, kami menyarankan pembaca untuk melihat karya mereka, karena usaha dan kreativitas yang ditunjukkan sangat layak untuk diapresiasi.

Seniman: Raihansyah

Seniman: Iqbal Hardear

Seniman: iLik07

Seniman: Kelvin Kurniadi

Seniman: Achda Satia

Seniman: Modina Rimolfa

Seniman: Muhammad Rezky

Seniman: suryadimcqueen

Seniman: Exotic Ape

Seniman: Gustino Dwi Indrawan

Seniman: Andika Krissanto

Seniman: Lewdlilly66

Seniman: Nathaniel Francis


Seniman: echo wahid

Seniman: skitchism

Seniman: Marventyo Amala

Seniman: Muhamad Kamal

Seniman: Muhammad Riski

Seniman: Christovorus Gusung Saputra

Seniman: Karunia susanto

Seniman: okiDoki

Seniman: Ndycartoon

Seniman: Ahmadsagita

Seniman: Day Is Done

Seniman: Callvin

Seniman: Suluh Adi Zanuar

Seniman: Roland Candra

Seniman: Wahyu Mahesa

Seniman: LostSheep

Seniman: ilham_nft

Seniman: Adam Alfisyahr

Seniman: Barlian ichsan

Seniman: Djoko Pramono

Seniman: Agnes Friska

Seniman: Aprizal Yogi Syaputra

Seniman: vanjorick

Seniman: Diena Rostika

Seniman: Dirot Kadirah

Seniman: ExnD (Irfan Aziz)

Seniman: masyarakat edo

Seniman: Yulianti Mayank Sari

Seniman: SDNT

Seniman: Saiful Arbi

Seniman: asmaralaya

Seniman: Adrianus Harris

Seniman: Ezra Bagus Tanasale



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